Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fashion Envy

You know that awkward stage in between high school and early college when you realize, not only are your size-0-destroyed-denim-shorts-with-the-pockets-hanging-out getting a little snug around the waist line (fine, I will start buying size 2's, but this girl ain't happy about it).. You're pretty sure you're too old to be wearing them. Well, I'm kinda at that stage except I'm almost done with college and I want to start looking more fresh and tailored. I'm done with all black. I'm done with sequins. And I'm definitely done with my Hollister shorts with the pockets hanging out (the boys still like 'em!).

So, this weekend I started sorting out my closet. That statement does not do justice in explaining the task truly at hand. It's ridiculous. I did get rid of lots of things last year, but I tend to do this: "Hmm.. I know I'll never wear this. But.. But.. What if I get invited to go to Puerto Rico.. and I need something that's kinda Mexican-y to go dancing in? Or something?" I don't dance, but that's beside the point.

So I have started 3 piles:
1. Throw away (the stuff I've kept for so long, I shouldn't even bother donating)
2. Donate (things people would wear that might be too small, big, or out of style)
3. Sell (take to a consignment store, things I've bought recently on a whim)
4. Keep- in a bag, somewhere.. and see if I ever think about wearing this stuff again. This is the stuff I haven't worn in forever but the pack rat in me tells me to keep it.

It's a work in progress...

So, here are my two latest purchases. These super cute cuffed sateen shorts from express in silver, and this pair of chambray cuffed shorts from target. I also found the cutest girl with the cutest fashion blog, Gal Meets Glam. Go follow her. I want to try to recreate this outfit for next weekend.

Jordan's been gone all weekend at the NASCAR races with a friend, so his mom and I went swimming today at her neighbors house. It was my first time in a pool this year, and we had a good time! Now I'm a little sun soaked and tired, so I'm layin' around waiting on the season finale of OC housewives to start. Tamara's gonna throw a drink in Jeana's face tonight.. Exciting ;)

Have a great Sunday evening!

Forgot to do day 3 of the photo challenge. My favorite place to be..
Home :)

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  1. Lord, I've done the same thing a few times. It's horrible.